Remy Mars Headshot

    Remy Mars' Porn Star Biography

    Inspired by legendary stars like Jenna Jameson, Matthew Rush, and Tyson Cane, Remy Mars' fascination with porn stars was planted during early life. Perhaps that's why he jumped at the opportunity to join the ranks of his idols at age 18 after being contacted by Freakdorm in 2006. From there, his road to becoming one of the most iconic names in urban gay porn began, cementing his legacy with other studios B.C. Productions, Flava Works, Raw Strokes, and more.

    Born in Jackson, Mississippi, the self-professed "Alpha Power Bottom" later moved to suburban Philadelphia where he explored his passion for drawing, writing screenplays, and music. When he grew older, he enrolled in The Art Institute of Philadelphia, where he studied digital filmmaking and video production.

    To this date, Remy has starred in over 100 films and flexed his skills as a director as well. Check out some of his unforgettable work below!


    * 2010 FlavaMen Blatino Award - Best Acting Bottom